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About Calvary Bible College...

Calvary Bible College Inc. (CBC) has been operating in Australia since 1951.

With our head administration based in Melbourne, and campuses throughout regional Victoria and Australia, the college runs Christian training programmes for both local, interstate and international students of all ages. Since 1992 Calvary Bible College (CBC) has conducted distance learning courses for our international students from Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, Switzerland, PNG and the United States.

Whilst administration of the study program occurs online, all 'Four Streams' courses involve some interaction with moderators. Courses offered through the CBC 'Four Streams' study series are taken on a part-time basis, with teaching sessions being offered on evenings, weekends and extended holiday periods. Curriculum has been delineated into four themes or 'streams' of study under the headings of 'Keys', 'Culture', 'Prophecy' & 'Highways'.

For more information on any of our courses in the Four Streams program, click on the 'Courses' link or contact the Calvary Bible College head office via or phone on
+61 3 9726 9969 (Melbourne, Australia). Information on how to use the site (including a user manual) can be found here.



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