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The study in Australia site is owned by the Australian Government and has comprehensive current information on all aspects of studying in Australia including: Entry requirements; living costs and accommodation; student visa options; insurance; banking; working while studying; cost of living; student support; health cover; legislation and much more.


Living in Australia


Life in Australia Book (translated versions)


Other Important websites

Overseas Students Ombudsman


Call: 1300 362 072

Bringing your family


Overseas Students Health Cover

Further information on Overseas Students Health Cover can be found at:

OSHC FACTSHEET (Australian Government)

Comprehensive Questions and Answers

Australian laws and travel tips


CURRENT CRICOS legislation–


Department of Home Affairs (DHA)
The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs, provides comprehensive information about student visa requirements and the application process, as well as application document checklists to assist you with your application.
Offices in Australia


Student visa conditions


What to Bring

Australian Customs Services and quarantine are considered to be quite strict. If you’re in doubt about whether your goods are prohibited or not, declare it anyway on the Incoming Passenger Card which you will receive on the plane. Students have received on the spot fines for not declaring items.  For further information visit the Australian Customs website:

For information on how much luggage you can bring check with your airline.

Information and Tips in various languages –

Australian Customs for arriving travellers –

Guide for Travellers –