The genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE) is an integrity measure to ensure that the Student visa Programme is used as intended and not used by international students as a way of maintaining de facto permanent residency in Australia. The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants.

In order to be granted a student visa, applicants must satisfy the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (DHA) that they have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily, for the purpose of study.

In assessing the GTE requirements, DHA will consider the requirements set out in Ministerial Direction 69. This requires DHA to be satisfied that the student visa applicant genuinely intends to stay in Australia temporarily having regard to:

  • The applicant’s circumstances in their home country
  • The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia
  • The value of the course to the applicant’s future
  • The applicant’s immigration history
  • If the applicant is a minor – the intention of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the applicant
  • Any other relevant matters

For more information, refer to DHA website – genuine temporary entrant  

Prospective students may also refer to the Genuine Temporary Entrant letter sample Australia published by SeekVisa.